Weekend VLOG : The Last Day of 2017

Sunday (31 December2017)

It's the last day of 2017. We really don't plan all this. We just go with the flow.

After a wedding in KL, we went to Shah Alam, JBR Bundle.

Then we went to The Curve. We thought we will watch the fireworks here. But later that night we got a call from friends, they wanted to watch fireworks too but it's too crowded & noisy. So they asked us to join them and watch fireworks from Bukit Tunku. And there we go.

Live, Love, Eat & Travel Well,
Nadiah Jaapar

Click 0:00 : In the car at a mosque.
Click 0:30 : Eating at the wedding
Click 0:43 : Wedding foods
Click 0:46 : Bubur kacang
Click 0:48 : The kids chit chat
Click 0:57 : #EvaQaisara sleeping
Click 1:02 : JBR Bundle
Click 1:07 : Let's take a look inside
Click 2:47 : The Curve
Click 2:55 : Looks like they already close the road
Click 3:19 : Parking at Surian Tower
Click 4:37 : At E-Curve
Click 4:43 : Booked an appointment for #IdlanShafy at a barber.
Click 5:08 : While waiting for hubby that goes inside a vape shop
Click 5:21 : The kids playing with each other
Click 5:52 : Trying to get Eva to stop crying
Click 6:13 : She saw new things she wants to play with
Click 6:47 : That resulted her to cry again because mummy say "NO"
Click 6:58 : Went out from E-Curve to go to Curve
Click 7:09 : Showing Eva the fountain so she would calm down
Click 7:21 : The Street
Click 7:40 : Trying new brand of makeup (NEW to me)
Click 7:49 : Trying some dessert, cakes & cookies
Click 3:27 : Ride hunting with #EvaQaisara
Click 10:18 : Mummy jadi pembantu, pegang barang semua orang
Click 11:20 : The kids dinner, chicken rice
Click 11:28 : #Leleh
Click 11:32 : Curry mee for hubby
Click 11:34 :Kung Fu Kuey Tiow & Teh Tarik Leleh from #Leleh
Click 11:38 : Green Tea Ice Cream for Eva
Click 11:40  : After dinner Eva was very dirty, so I bathed her at the toilet.
Click 11:57 : At Family Mart to buy some water & their fish cake with tomyum soup.
Click 12:32 : Walking to IKEA
Click 12:42 : New year concert already started
Click 13:55 : We are going back to our car cause we will be watching fireworks somewhere else.
Click 14:19 : Everyone have something to sell.
Click 15:27 : Buying a light up blue devil headband
Click 16:01 : Put it on Eva
Click 16:19 : Reach our car & bergurau dengan hubby pasal muda-muda dulu
Click 17:26 : Car needs to eat too
Click 17:37 : Our friends in the other car passing some goodie bag to us.
Click 17:48 : In the tunnel
Click 18:02 : Roller coaster road
Click 18:21 : Night view of Kuala Lumpur
Click 18:39 : People started to filling up
Click 19:04 : Long distance firework show (at Dataran Merdeka)
Click 19:20 : Long distance firework show (at KLCC)
Click 20:26 : One more fireworks, but I dont know from where
Click 20:55 : Fireworks show infront of us.
Click 22:43 : Done watching the fireworks show
Click 22:58 : Happy New Year 2018
Click 23:03 : Ending page

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Disclamer : I am not paid or fund in any way to do this. I just like to eat and try new foods and share it with other people.

Disclamer 2 : I don't own any music in this video.

Fireworks by Jahzzar http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jah...
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/FlV-4q8kytM

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