3rd Time Charms..I hope..

Current mood : WORRIED!!!

Hi to all..
This afternoon me & hubby went to clinic in KJ..
Idlan need to see a doctor..
Idlan dah jumpe 2 doctors dah..
This is the 3rd time for his cough..

Batuk dia meleret from minggu lepas..
And his antibiotic finished on time..
So im a bit worried..

Doc give idlan 2 new medicine..
She said if it still doesn't work..
They need to make and X-ray on his chest..
I really hope this time idlan will be fine..
Please pray for idlan's recovery..
Even thou its only cough..
But it can be dangerous..


Hubby told me he is so hungry..
He's not been eating from morning..
So we park at Kelana Mall..
And went inside to search for foods...

Hubby kata nak try mkn kat Kopitiam Station..
I ordered Cantonese Mee & hubby ordered squid + lady fingers + sambal..
Actually i cant remember the name of the food..

Afterward we buy bubble tea each..
Me of coz vanilla ice blended..
And hubby choose tiramisu..
It was so good...

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25 Random Things About Me (Tagged by Samael)

Current mood : GOOD!!!


This tag has been ages in my drafts

25 Random things about me

1. i love nasi lemak, prefer it
with telur mata & sambal that is sweet & spicy.
2. i love ice lemon tea
3. i love ice blended, especially caramel (no caffeine)
4. i love vanilla flavor
5. i love window shopping. i can be in a shopping complex all day (without watching movies)
6. i love traveling
7. i love black. i will wear something black everyday
8. i love ice cream
9. i love cake, especially cheese cake
10. i love baking but i HATE to decorate what i've bake, actually LAZY is the right word..LOL..
11. i love reading, i can be in bookstores or library from when its open till its close
12. i love walking (park my car a bit further than the place i need to go)
13. i like to jog. Actually i like to sweat coz it make me feel energizes and refresh
14. i want to get back to my weight before im pregnant.
15. i dislike smokers because they end up hurting themselves and their love ones
16. i don't watch football except if my hubby is playing or if he bring me to watch it with friends (just lepak-ing)
17. i love to have more than 4 children
18. i'm a game addict
19. i would love to have my hubby's patience
20. i think im ugly
21. i love surprises. Good surprises only. :D
22. i think everyone deserve 2nd chances.
23. i miss my camping days and i would love to do it again and again and again and again and ...
24. i love gadgets
25. i love being pregnant

Whom to tag?
Anyone interested..
But AL kena buat..
Wah hahahaha..

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Idlan's Appointment..

Current mood : GOOD!!

And hello to all...
This morning hubby & i took idlan to UM..
Idlan has an appointment there at 9am...

Let me tell u the story b4 9am..
Last night..
Idlan was playing, reading and watching TV...
TV plak tengok nad tido..
Dah terbongkang depan TV dah..
X sedar...
I think since 4am..

When i woke up..
Idlan cannot be seen..
Kelam kabut la cari...
Turns out that dia masuk bilik uncle dia..
Asking his uncle to play with him..
I asked Muaz "Kenapa X tido lg ni?"
He answered "Kaklong..dah pukul 6am dah la, Muaz nak mandi gi sekolah"

Mmg X sedar dah kul 6 pagi..
And idlan is still awake..
Still ajak uncle dia main..
What else can i do..
Bebel2 sikit kat idlan and carry him and put him on the bed and turn off the light..
Dah kena bebel ngan mummy he keeps quite la..
Tengok2 dah tido..
Maybe hes too tired..

I have to wake him up at 8:30am..
Bila tido lambat mmg susah la nak bangun..
He was crying je...
Not enough sleep i guess...
Only 2 hours of sleep..

At the hospital pun sama..
He didnt sleep at all..
Give him some kiwi & soya drink for breakfast..
Then he started to play in the play room..
Running around with other kids..
Isnt he tired??
I know iam..
Thats y la berat dia X naik sgt..
Too active..

Then its his turn to see the pediatrician..
The peads mmg tny mcm2 bout idlan..
Coz he cant talk although he going to be 2 years old next week...
And he also didn't gain weight..
The peads told me maybe one of the reasons that he didn't talk is because either his nerves in the ears rosak or the genetic problem..
Yes idlan's daddy pun lambat ckp..
Almost 3 years baru leh ckp..

The peads got idlan another appointment in 2 weeks time..
For scanning in his ears and know the result of his blood & urine test..
Coz masa nad pregnantkan idlan dulu mmg ada complication sikit..
Like mcm masa im 5 months preggy i have spoting..
And also idlan keluar 1 month awal from his due date..
She just wanted to make sure that idlan doesnt have any spoil nerves..
Coz kalau dia ikut his daddy punya genetic mmg peads tu not worried la..

I feel so kesian for Idlan..
Masa the peads amik darah dia..
Cucuk kat lengan bnyk kali..
X dpt gak darah..
Then cucuk kat fist baru darah keluar..
He was crying like mad..
Air mata bergenang je..
But after amik darah over he just keep quite..
And then doze slowly to sleep..

And the best thing is i have to take urine sample from idlan..
Waited for idlan to pee in the changing room for over an hour..
But he didnt pee..
So i kata to the nurse that i will hantar the urine sample bila he pee..
But until now he didnt pee at all..
How la idlan??
I can only take his urine sample when he is asleep..
If hes up i dont think he want to lay down to pee in a cup..

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Love Love Love..

Current mood : GOOD!!

Hello guys..
I just got my love quote for today..

" Someone asked me, "Why do you keep loving someone who doesn't love you back? There are tons of fish in the water." I simply replied&... "Just because it's also water, would you drink from the sea?" "

This is for u..
I know u will read my blog..

Today i went to Bizzy Body Slimming Center..
Not because i think im fat...
Just because i got the coupon for free treatment..
Xde la membazir...

But i think im a bit fat la..
Not fat..
But berisi..
Especially after i got idlan..
Before that my weight is around 48-49kg..
Ideal weight tu..
Right now my weight is 55kg..

I cant seem to lost that extra 7kg..
Mcm mana nak hilangkan ni??
Before i got idlan everyday i went jogging..
But now i cant even go out of the house without idlan clinging to me..
So mcm mana nak jogging maa??
He cant jog..
If he can pun i dont think he will be as fast as me..
And bole tahan 10 rounds around the lake..

What to do??
What to do??
Is there another alternative to bring ur weight down??

Im thankful that my hubby is not that picky..
Like "U have to get back ur body before preggy or not.."
Hes not that kind of guy..
Thats y I love him so much..
I know that he will love me either im fat or thin..
Beautiful or ugly...
Right sayang?? (i hope he will say "YES")

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