Love Love Love..

Current mood : GOOD!!

Hello guys..
I just got my love quote for today..

" Someone asked me, "Why do you keep loving someone who doesn't love you back? There are tons of fish in the water." I simply replied&... "Just because it's also water, would you drink from the sea?" "

This is for u..
I know u will read my blog..

Today i went to Bizzy Body Slimming Center..
Not because i think im fat...
Just because i got the coupon for free treatment..
Xde la membazir...

But i think im a bit fat la..
Not fat..
But berisi..
Especially after i got idlan..
Before that my weight is around 48-49kg..
Ideal weight tu..
Right now my weight is 55kg..

I cant seem to lost that extra 7kg..
Mcm mana nak hilangkan ni??
Before i got idlan everyday i went jogging..
But now i cant even go out of the house without idlan clinging to me..
So mcm mana nak jogging maa??
He cant jog..
If he can pun i dont think he will be as fast as me..
And bole tahan 10 rounds around the lake..

What to do??
What to do??
Is there another alternative to bring ur weight down??

Im thankful that my hubby is not that picky..
Like "U have to get back ur body before preggy or not.."
Hes not that kind of guy..
Thats y I love him so much..
I know that he will love me either im fat or thin..
Beautiful or ugly...
Right sayang?? (i hope he will say "YES")

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AL said...

HAHAHA!! i can't stop laughing! LoLZ!! nice post xD
you were like a magician, you knew i will drop by here. =P

you're not fat or berisi, just nice. =) and.. did he replied, 'yes' to you? kalau tak de, make sure you pull his ear like the chinese drama. HAHA!! Idlan is so cute!! bring a stroller and walk ^^

MISS NAD said...

im not a magician..
im a PHYSICS..

he better replied 'yes' to me or not...
actually he told me already a million times before..
i just wanna hear it again & again..
women need that..

i did walk everyday with idlan..
but it doesnt work..
the fats in my body wanted me to jog i guess.. :D

AL said...

haha!! i believe that, John Gray's book said the same thing that women loves to hear it and it's not boring to them.haha

no no no, here's the thing, you CANNOT EAT while you're walking with Idlan. that's why.. haha!!

MISS NAD said...

YEAH to John Gray!!
Men should read his books..

its not me whos eating lorr..
its idlan..
he eats all the time..
i only eats 2 times a day..

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