25 Random Things About Me (Tagged by Samael)

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25 Random things about me

1. i love nasi lemak, prefer it
with telur mata & sambal that is sweet & spicy.
2. i love ice lemon tea
3. i love ice blended, especially caramel (no caffeine)
4. i love vanilla flavor
5. i love window shopping. i can be in a shopping complex all day (without watching movies)
6. i love traveling
7. i love black. i will wear something black everyday
8. i love ice cream
9. i love cake, especially cheese cake
10. i love baking but i HATE to decorate what i've bake, actually LAZY is the right word..LOL..
11. i love reading, i can be in bookstores or library from when its open till its close
12. i love walking (park my car a bit further than the place i need to go)
13. i like to jog. Actually i like to sweat coz it make me feel energizes and refresh
14. i want to get back to my weight before im pregnant.
15. i dislike smokers because they end up hurting themselves and their love ones
16. i don't watch football except if my hubby is playing or if he bring me to watch it with friends (just lepak-ing)
17. i love to have more than 4 children
18. i'm a game addict
19. i would love to have my hubby's patience
20. i think im ugly
21. i love surprises. Good surprises only. :D
22. i think everyone deserve 2nd chances.
23. i miss my camping days and i would love to do it again and again and again and again and ...
24. i love gadgets
25. i love being pregnant

Whom to tag?
Anyone interested..
But AL kena buat..
Wah hahahaha..

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