3rd Time Charms..I hope..

Current mood : WORRIED!!!

Hi to all..
This afternoon me & hubby went to clinic in KJ..
Idlan need to see a doctor..
Idlan dah jumpe 2 doctors dah..
This is the 3rd time for his cough..

Batuk dia meleret from minggu lepas..
And his antibiotic finished on time..
So im a bit worried..

Doc give idlan 2 new medicine..
She said if it still doesn't work..
They need to make and X-ray on his chest..
I really hope this time idlan will be fine..
Please pray for idlan's recovery..
Even thou its only cough..
But it can be dangerous..


Hubby told me he is so hungry..
He's not been eating from morning..
So we park at Kelana Mall..
And went inside to search for foods...

Hubby kata nak try mkn kat Kopitiam Station..
I ordered Cantonese Mee & hubby ordered squid + lady fingers + sambal..
Actually i cant remember the name of the food..

Afterward we buy bubble tea each..
Me of coz vanilla ice blended..
And hubby choose tiramisu..
It was so good...

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AL said...

hopefully Idlan will get well soon ><
should you not let Idlan eat anything 'heat-y' element food or fruits. example, durian. it helps the process. and NO CANDY. =)

the cantonese mee seems nice. but i like squid. xD

MISS NAD said...

i hope so too..
coz untill now he still batuk2 lg la..
im so worried..

idlan only eats candy/choc once a month je..
so dont worry bout that..

u like squid??
me occasionally..
when they cooked it and it still have their smelly smell so i dont eat it..

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