What a weekend..


Current mood : TIRED!!!

Hi guys..

This weekend was tiring..
I have lots of cuppies order..
More to rush order actually..

And lots of invitation to fill..
But im glad..
Coz i like myself when im busy..

Except when idlan bothering me..

I like juggling time..
Once in a while eh..
Not all the time.. :P
Try to attend all party/wedding/open house..
And when im at home i fill my time with completing cuppies order..
For 2 days i slept at 5am in the morning..

On saturday i have a wedding and an open house..
And 3 set cuppies and 1 set cake order..
I bake some cuppies in the morning..
Went to a wedding at Bukit Antarabangsa in the afternoon..
Then i went straight to my cousin house in Danau Kota for her open house..
I reach home at 8pm...
Start to bake again coz i just receive another order..
Rush order..what else..

And time to design cuppies..
Until 4am then sleep time..

On sunday woke up at 8am..
Went to religion class..
With mama, inara, nieza & jannah..
Got home at 1pm and start to bake..
3 set of cuppies..

At 3pm..
Went to a birthday party..
Hana Aamira just turn 1..
Got home at 7pm..
And continue baking and designing cuppies..
Until 4am lg..

What a weekend for me & idlan..
Actually it was for me..
Idlan just follows me around..

p/s: More photos HERE..

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