Idlan's 2nd Birthday..

Happy Birthday

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Yesterday is Idlan's 2nd birthday..
Happy Birthday My Prince!!

We went out yesterday..
Actually we dont know where to go..
So hubby drove us to Hartamas Shopping center..
Nothing interesting there..
Except for the view..
And we end up taking some pictures..
And bought real Caremal Ice Blended from Coffee Bean..

Then i told hubby i wanted to go to The Curve to window shop..
And i thought i can stop by Ikano Power Center..
I want to buy idlan some cloth at the Branded Outlet..
So we went there..
But idlan already asleep during our way there..

1st thing we did was do our Asar prayer..
Then we went to Tesco to eat some thailand food..
Only hubby ordered..
Sharing is caring maa...
Actually i dont feel hungry..
So i just take sikit from hubby to taste it..

Then we went to Cupcake Chic..
Although i sendiri buat cupcakes..
But i dont really actually eat mine..
Wah haha..
We bought 2 cupcakes..
Hubby choose Tiramisu cupcakes..
And for me a red velvet with cream cheese..
Still sleeping..

After posing for some pic snap at Cupcake Chic we went to Ikano..
And more picture taking went on until idlan is up..
And he also joined us for some picture snaps..
Then we went to shop for idlan new cloth..

After our marghrib prayer we wanted to go back to hubby's parents house..
So hubby bought some KFC bucket..
Just to celebrate idlan's birthday..
Coz masa we all jalan2 he was sleeping at all time..
Nak bg naik kiddy ride pun X leh..
Coz hes sleeping..
So mummy & daddy yg lebih2..
Gi makan la, makan cupcake la, ice blended la..
Who's birthday sebenarnya ni??

Oh yes..
We bought another Real Caremal Ice Blended from Coffee Bean..
Just before we went back to the car..
Yes..mummy & daddy is an Ice Blended crazy..
Beli pun idlan mana dpt..
X leh bg manis2 and sejuk2..
Idlan still batuk..

p/s: The pictures mmg X dpt nak upload today..hubby is editing it..will upload later.. :D

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