McDonald's "Nothing on the menu is HALAL"

Important News-Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and IQSA has withdrawn certification from McDonald's. Acccording to the kitchen office in Florida,United States, study into the McDonald's ingredients has shown positive evidence of PORK materials which is called"LM10" are used in the McDonald's mayo. South African McDonald's officials have confirmed that all sauce based ingredients are imported from the US.(Muslim) consumers are advised to abstain from McDonald's. Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and IQSA has also withdrawn certification countrywide. It's your duty to inform others....Do not ignore this Message as u will commit sin for not passing on to people. Those eating it are eating "HARAAM FOOD". So pls do inform Others.

In anticipation of your valued response,

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Izzuddin Fauzi said...

Saya ada post berkenaan isu ni dalam blog sy... :)

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