Pregnant..Yes or No??


Current mood : CHILL!!!

I wanted to talk about something..
Due to my post on 10 of April..
By the totle "Pregnant Again??"..
One of my friends, enul had already ask me the ques..
If u guys read it at my cbox..

The answer for that question is...
Saja nak buat korang rasa X senang duduk..
The answer is..
Scroll down please..

Got my period last week..

p/s: but it will be nice if nad preggy lagi.. ;D

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Uda said...

hehehe.... jadi mcm kiaorg, wife lewat 2 minggu.... pg test, negative.... esoknyer, period dtg.... kena cuba lagi ler tue.... ;-)

p.s. kita plan nad dgn wife uda preggy samam nak, best tue.... hihihi.... kan....

miss nad said...

hehehe..Xpe la..belum rezeki lagi tu..cuba bebanyak lagi.. ;P

p/s: plan sesama preggy?? hehe..best tu..nnt anak sama umur.. :D

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