Rainy Night..


Current mood : COLD!!!

Hi all!!
Just wanna update my blog..
Even though i dont really have anything to say..

For starters..
It's raining now..
With load thunder & bright lighting..

And to top it off..
It's cold here..
Very cold..
Maybe because of the rain..
Or maybe im getting sick??

My head is killing me..
Had a headache a few minutes ago..
Maybe im just tired..
Didnt get enough sleep lately..
Idlan has been waking up at night for days now..
And he want me to hold him all the time..

I noticed something yesterday..
Idlan smiled at his reflection in the mirror..
What a sweet smile he had..
That was a new thing for him..

Everytime i bring him to the mirror he will smile..
Looking at his reflection and mine..
He enjoyed his new discoveries..
I hope he will roll over soon..
Been waiting for that to happen for months now..

I think i better go and sleep now..
The headache is getting stronger by the minutes..
And its already hard to open my eyes..
I hope idlan would sleep soundly tonight..
Really need this rest..

p/s: Hujan memalam ni mmg sedap tido.. :D

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Uda said...

aha, smlm guruh siap bergegar umah....

p.s. nad nie mcm nk kena pg holiday jer mana2 nie.... ;-)

miss nad said...

tau Xpe..

p/s: ha..betul la tuh..mmg dah lama X holiday ni.. :D

Shaira Nadiah MJ said...

Wah2, bikin suspen je akak ni... Heheeh :p

miss nad said...

suspen ke?? hehehe.. :P

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